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How to Paint with Diamonds

Interested in our Diamond Art Paintings? Color by numbers meets dazzling diamonds in a fun and fulfilling way. All of our diamond paintings are Disney themed to bring joy to our collector's households. Our supplier makes amazing canvases that are continuously engaging and equally sticky. Once you pick out one of our kits here, revisit this page to walk through the steps to complete it.

Steps for Completing your Diamond Art Painting:

1) Pick your color.

Select the color you want to use by referencing the guide on either edge of the canvas.


2) Pour out the Diamonds.

Trim the edge of the bag and pour out a handful of diamonds. Seal the bag with tape when not in use to prevent spills.

3) Prepare your sticking tool.

Holding your tool straight up and down, press into the wax pad and gently twist back and forth between your thumb and fore finger. This is best done on a hard surface so the tip of your tool can fully fill with wax. Pull it up once complete and you should see a nice clean hole in the wax pad.

4) Select your diamond.

Jiggle your tray a little to make sure the diamonds are round side up. Use your tool to select one diamond.

5) Place your diamond on the canvas.

Pull back the plastic coating and locate the corresponding letter that matches the color you picked. Place your diamond onto the canvas.

That's all there is to it ! Repeat until the entire canvas is filled with diamonds. The tool you receive with our kits also contain a 4 piece end to place multiple diamonds at once in big areas.

Once complete, let us know your feedback and tag us in any images on social media !